Lil wayne – Long Story Short

Lil Wayne is indeed featured on the song “Long Story Short,” but it’s a collaboration with rapper 2 Chainz. The song came out in November 2023 as part of their album “Welcome 2 Collegrove.”

Here’s some information on “Long Story Short”:

In Lil Wayne’s part of “Long Story Short,” he dives into his wild lifestyle. The lyrics detail his extravagant experiences and the potential consequences. Here are some key points:

  • Fast life: The chorus focuses on partying, excess, and the fast lane.
  • Internal conflict: There are hints of internal struggle alongside the bragging, suggesting he knows this lifestyle might not be sustainable.
  • Focus on wealth: He raps about his success and the money it brings.

It’s important to note that 2 Chainz, the other rapper on the song, offers a contrasting perspective. His verse talks about balancing family and business. So, “Long Story Short” offers two takes on success and the choices that come with it.

Lil wayne – Long Story Short Lyrics

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